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2016-17: Studying at Tsinghua University in Beijing on the Confucius Scholarship 

66 1Inquisitive looks from a small toddler as I snap a cheeky photo of him at Xiamen Train Station – Jan 2017

blog1On a 24 hour train journey from Shenzhen 深圳 to Beijing 北京, a train ticket man tells me off as I try to get a photo of him selling cheap goods for a profit to passengers – Jan 2017

food6A cheery man in Yanchuan 延川. Each warm bread cost 2RMB (less than 25p) – Feb 2017

1826508010The day of departure for my solo trip in an un-polluted Beijing; a rare sight – Jan 2017

22311981_10209017426783759_1192736238_oThe view from the mountains in Fuzhou 福州. Note the contrast between the poor housing shacks and developed, high sky-rise buildings in the distance – Feb 2017

1896699314A young boy calls to his friends, un-phased by the precarious telephone wire that has been brought down to head-height from cold temperatures plummeting to -15C in Yanchuan 延川 – Feb 2017

Celebrating a wedding in the run up to Chinese New Year in a village just off Yanchuan 延川 – Feb 2017

22323882_10209017427983789_1008071234_oA weary father tells me on an 18 hour overnight train journey from Xi’An 西安 to Shanghai 上海 about his daughter’s refusal to settle down with her partner aged 28. He consumed 4 of these little whisky bottles (one at 6am just before arriving in Shanghai) – Feb 2017

Enjoying the warmth, beauty and excellent fashion taste of Xiamen 厦门 – Feb 2017

1946985849Welcomed back to Beijing 北京 with a familiar sight; a P.M25 of 600+ and insufferable polluted air ( – March 2017

22323552_10209017426983764_1930914708_oTwo little boys playing with a secret box filled odd bits they had found around the small town of Yanchuan延川. It took 10 minutes of persuasion for them to let me approach them. In the end I traded a lighter, a 20p coin and packet of tissues to gain permission for this photo – Feb 2017

Beijingers glued to their phones. Photos taken on various subway journeys – Nov 2016

133292697.jpgAn elderly woman at a market in Yanchuan 延川 cuts tofu into chunks to be sold by demanded weight. Leading up to preparations for the Chinese New Year – Feb 2017

Extreme seasons in Beijing ; -15°C in Winter and up to 40°C in summer. This photo was taken from the entrance of my International student dorm. Jan 2017 & Apr 2017

839858665Taken from one of Beijing’s many ringroads; with a hazy background shade of pollution – Feb 2017


Beijing is home to the jianbing 煎饼 which is a thick pancake made from millet powder. The batter is swirled around the hot plate until set so that the surface can be painted with various sauces and flavouring, then a thin wafer is thrown in the middle along with finely chopped spring onion, herbs, meat, onions and sometimes lettuce and extra bits and bobs. Cures hangovers. Satisfies drunken needs. Fills a hole for hunger pangs. 10/10 Apr 2017

1042269123The Yellow River along the border of  Yanchuan 延川 province – Feb 2017

1466746057 A father snapping a shot of his displeased son in Guangzhou 广州 – Feb 2017

1226157568Taken from the 1st floor of a small family restaurant in Guangzhou 广州 – Feb 2017

Contrasting views of Beijing; one near Sanlitun and the other from a café in the hutongs Feb 2017 & May 2017


Suitable health and safety measures taken by a fireworks stall run by a local family, in preparation for Chinese New Year celebrations in Yanchuan 延川 – Feb 2017

Children playing in Xi’an, wrapped up warm due to the cold temperatures – Jan 2017

66 6

A treacherous car journey with my host family in Yanchuan, swerving between cows and speeding along narrow lanes on clay cliffs. That would have been an absolute pants way to die – Feb 2017

66 3

A small village somewhere on an overnight train going from Xi’an to Shanghai – Feb 2017

66 5

Muslim street food market, Xi’an – Feb 2017