Founder of 66hands

Olivia Halsall (郝文婕)



Relocated to Cambridge, UK to commence M.Phil. Education (RSLE; Research in Second Language Education) | See LinkedIn for recent publications & career development. See personal blog on Medium for more generic writings.


Relocated to London, UK. 66hands END 33/33 O, 23, 英国 U.K. (on speaking Chinese Mandarin) | Article published in NuVoices on Q&A: Young women discuss gender and education in China today, Cover article published in Shanghai Family Magazine on How expat teens can better understand Chinese fashion, Article published in The Diplomat on China’s Non-State Education, Article published in SupChina on Voices with China’s Lesbian Community| WiC – articles published: Americans at top Chinese university worried by FBI probes on return home, China’s postgraduate ‘background enhancement ‘ services, Collectors chase the latest lines in miniature dolls


66hands writing & traveling in China including: Tianjin, Beijing & Shanghai. P, 0, 中国 China (on pigs in China), C, 0, 中国 China (“Help, I’ve become a tiger mum!”), M, 0 中国 China (my mum’s impressions of China), B, 21, 蒲城 PuCheng (Being gay and Chinese), K, 0, 中国 China (on Kan’s ‘Under Red Skies). Article published in RADII on What the Growing Demand for Sex Toys Tells Us About Changing Attitudes in China | Shanghai representative & Summer tutor for Libra Tutors.


66hands writing & traveling in China including: Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai & Hangzhou. S, 0, 深圳 Shenzhen (the start-up springboard in southern China), A-Z, 25, 中国 China (on millennials behaving badly in hostels), X, 28, 厦门 Xiamen (on my Chinese big brother) F, 0, 中国 China (on football) | WiC – articles published: How parents in China are turning against their kids studying in the US, Mooncakes and egg price inflation, New interactive dramas let viewers choose plot endings 


66hands writing & traveling in Israel, and China including: Shanghai, Guangzhou. A, 0, 中国 China (on the avocado craze) D, 0, 冼村 Xiancun (the peasant village within the prosperous city) | Established freelance tutor, based in Shanghai. Trip to Guangzhou  to assist with Chinese-founded education consultancy InVisor, in addition to Guangdong’s Talent Development and Management Research Society 广东省人才开发与管理研究会 | WiC – articles published: Wang Cuncun


66hands writing & traveling  in China including: Shanghai, Guilin & Yunnan. J, 45, 上海 Shanghai (on China’s infatuation with the Jewish people), A, 23 (60ish), 兴坪 Xingping (on boisterous tourists), D, 7, 桂林 Guilin (on dogs: friend or foe?), T, 0, 丽江 Lijiang (on China’s toilet revolution), M, 2, 虎跳峡Tiger Leaping Gorge (on Marijuana Mountain Mammas), T, 23, 伦敦 London (on unraveling stereotypes of Chinese students in the UK). | Article published in SH Family “How to help guide children to discover their strengths”. Started working as a ghost writer on AI & China for 42.cx – Are we overestimating China’s AI capabilities? | WiC – articles published: Are tiger parents and elite education killing dialects?, Green gold avocados, China’s toilet revolution remains in full swing, Head of Taoist organisation faces barrage of criticism over his wealth


Relocated to London, UK. YCW interview with Brian Hoie, founding editor of Taiwanese new media magazine New Bloom, on cross-strait relations. Promotional video for Totally China on teaching in China: Olivia’s Story | Started interning as a remote writer and researcher for Week In China (WiC), Hong Kong based and HSBC funded business journal – articles published: Disney English falls out with VIPKID, SOHO China has issues with a feng shui blogger, Belt, Road… and wigs


Application to the University of Oxford successful, MSc Contemporary Chinese Studies 2019-20 (offer rejected). YCW interview with Elaine Ho on her book “Citizens in Motion: Emigration, Immigration and Re-migration Across China’s Borders”. SCS, -1, Beijing 北京 (on the Social Credit System).


Application to the University of  Cambridge, St Catharine’s College successful, MPhil Education 2019-20 (offer accepted to commence 10/2019). V, 100, China 中国 (on lesbianism). YCW interview with Emma Vanbergen, president of BE Education’s worldwide Education Consulting on 素质教育 “education quality” and the consequences of China’s educational inequality.


***Founded MyBambooBridge*** –  currently a work in progress, aiming for official release in 08/2019. JRM, 35, Shanghai 上海 (on The Shanghai Dad Club). T, 38, Shanghai 上海 (on China’s urban density).


Joined Young China Watchers (YCW) Global Editorial Team. Switched full-time employment in Shanghai to London Family Office 伦敦家庭办公室 working as a private tutor. Article published in Week In China on “A day in the life of a 4-year-old; China’s tiger toddlers”. YCW interview with Jamie QQ on the D&G scandal and China’s position in the global fashion industry.


Y, 0, Carrefour 家乐福 (on China’s yoghurt industry). YCW interview with Oma Lee, 2018 Young China Watcher of the year on NGO’s, building communities and China’s philanthropic efforts.


W, 4, Shanghai 上海 (on “tiger toddlers”). YCW interview with Gu Xu, co-founder of TeChieCat on women in tech and the influence of online communities in modern China.


Relocated to Shanghai, China working as an English teacher at Yuyuan Preschool 愚园路第一幼儿园 and Economics & English tutor at BE Education 必益教育, as well as freelance journalist. P, 33, Linyi 临沂 (on Shanghai’s small eateries).


66hands agreed to feature in each monthly newsletter of China Unbound.


Relocated to London, UK. Graduated from the University of Birmingham with a 1st Class Hons (GPA 4.0) BA Modern Languages (French and Chinese Mandarin) with Business Management. Undertook an internship at the Chopsticks Club in London. Asked to continue their feature ‘My China Voice‘ – a series of interviews with those involved in China


BA Chinese Language Final Year Independent Essay on Yang Liu’s artwork, East meets West. 《东西相遇》;两种文化,一种人类


Application to the University of Oxford successful – MSc Contemporary Chinese Studies 2018-19 (offer later rejected in 08/2018 to move to Shanghai).


L, 23, Beijing 北京 (on Beijing’s pollution)


D, 49, Baotou包头 (on food, family and humanity)


J, 20, Jinan 济南 (on love, sex and relationships) – published on the blog The China Road


Y, 24, Guangzhou 广州 (on gap years)


Relocated to Birmingham, UK. The first 66hands stories published online: R, 29, Yanchuan 延川 (on social mobility and marriage), N, 33, Xi’an西安 (on leftover women and career-driven women), M, 23, Fuzhou 福州 (on higher education), E, 29, Shanghai上海 (on economic and social reform). 66hands features in the University of Birmingham Linguist Magazine as a short series on China for the academic year 2017-18.


66hands founded during a 6000+km solo travel trip around mainland China.


Relocated to Beijing, China. Won the CIS Confucius Language Scholarship to attend Tsinghua University, Beijing as an exchange student.


Voluntarily conducted a series of 60 minute presentations to Grammar Schools in the Kent (UK) area on the benefits of continuing Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) to higher education and beyond.


First visit to China fully funded by the British Council’s Study China Programme undertaking Chinese Mandarin Language and Business Culture classes at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou.


Started studying Chinese Mandarin at the University of Birmingham as part of a BA Modern Languages (French and Chinese Mandarin) with Business Management.