Founder of 66hands

Olive Halsall (郝文婕)


01/2019: ***Founded “My Bamboo Bridge”*** (aiming for release mid-January)  JRM, 35, Shanghai 上海 (on The Shanghai Dad Club). T, 38, Shanghai 上海 (on China’s urban density).

12/2018: Joined Young China Watchers (YCW) Global Editorial Team. Switched full-time employment in Shanghai to London Family Office 伦敦家庭办公室 working as a private tutor. Article published in Week In China on “A day in the life of a 4-year-old; China’s tiger toddlers”. YCW interview with Jamie QQ on the D&G scandal and China’s position in the global fashion industry.

11/2018: Y, 0, Carrefour 家乐福 (on China’s yoghurt industry). YCW interview with Oma Lee, 2018 Young China Watcher of the year on NGO’s, building communities and China’s philanthropic efforts.

10/2018: W, 4, Shanghai 上海 (on “tiger toddlers”). YCW interview with Gu Xu, co-founder of TeChieCat on women in tech and the influence of online communities in modern China.

09/2018: Moved to Shanghai to work as an English teacher at Yuyuan Preschool 愚园路第一幼儿园 and Economics & English tutor at BE Education 必益教育, and freelance writer. P, 33, Linyi 临沂 (on Shanghai’s small eateries)

08/2018: 66hands agreed to feature in each monthly newsletter of China Unbound.

07/2018: Graduated from the University of Birmingham with a 1st Class Hons. BA Modern Languages (French and Chinese Mandarin) with Business Management. Undertook an internship at the Chopsticks Club in London. Asked to continue their feature ‘My China Voice‘ – a series of interviews with those involved in China

03/2018: Accepted to attend Oxford University’s MSc Contemporary Chinese Studies (later rejected in 08/2018 to move to Shanghai)

01/2018:  L, 23, Beijing 北京 (on Beijing’s pollution)

12/2017: D, 49, Baotou包头 (on food, family and humanity)

11/2017: J, 20, Jinan 济南 (on love, sex and relationships) – published on the blog The China Road

10/2017:  Y, 24, Guangzhou 广州 (on gap years)

09/2017: The first stories published online: R, 29, Yanchuan 延川 (on social mobility and marriage), N, 33, Xi’an西安 (on leftover women and career-driven women), M, 23, Fuzhou 福州 (on higher education), E, 29, Shanghai上海 (on economic and social reform). 66hands features in the University of Birmingham Linguist Magazine as a short series on China

01/2017: 66hands founded during a solo travel trip around mainland China

09/2016 – 07/2017: Won the Confucius Scholarship to attend Tsinghua University, Beijing as an exchange student

03/2015: First visit to China fully funded by the British Council’s Study China Programme undertaking language and business classes at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou

09/2014: Started studying Chinese Mandarin at the University of Birmingham as part of a BA Modern Languages (French and Chinese Mandarin) with Business Management