The Original 66

The following sets out a comprehensive list of the self-introduction and questions I used in interviews during my first and original travel project back in January 2017.


你好,我想先介绍自己一下。我是一个英国人,在清华大学学习一年汉语。我的名字是建梅,我二十一岁。为了更了解中国,我打算跟各种各样的中国人聊天儿。 由于很多外国人不太明白中国的文化,语言和心态,我希望采写中国人的生平。然后,我想对你的手照一张相片。因为我觉得人类的手特别有意思;他们因人而异,能表达不同的故事。

Where are you from? Can you describe your hometown? What do you like about it? Has it changed since from when you were a child? 你是哪里的人?你可以描述你的家乡吗? 为什么你喜欢她?自从你小时候以来,你的家乡改变过吗?

Where do you think China stands in the world from a global perspective? How soon until China becomes as developed as the West in terms of healthcare, education and services? 从全球视角来看,你认为中国在世界上的位置是什么?你认为中国什么时候可以变得像西方一样发达,在医疗保健 , 教育 和基础设施方面?

What / Who is most important to you? 对你来说,什么 / 谁 是最重要的?

Do you want to learn English? Do you think being able to speak English is important? Why? 你希望学习英语吗? 你觉得掌握英语是重要的吗? 为什么?

If you had 1 billion RMB, what would you buy and why? 如果 你有10亿元人民币, 你希望买什么? 为什么?

What is the furthest you have travelled? 你最远旅行到哪里?

What is the most challenging / difficult thing you have ever done? 你做过的最有挑战性/ 最困难的 事情 是什么?

Did you go to University? Do you like studying? What was school like in China? What was your favourite subject and why? 你上过大学吗?你喜欢学习吗? 你的学校怎么样?你最喜欢的学科 是什么? 为什么?

What do you want to do when you are older? What is your biggest ambition / the ultimate goal? 你长大之后,你想做什么?你最大的追求是什么?你的梦想是什么?

What are you most scared of? 你最怕什么?

What do you think about foreigners? How do you think foreigners and Chinese people are different? What do you find most shocking about foreigners? 你对外国人怎么看?你认为外国人和中国人有什么不一样?外国人的哪一点让你最印象深刻?

Have you ever travelled alone? Have you been on holiday? What do you do to relax? 你独自一人旅行过吗?你有假日出游过吗?你一般做什么来放松自己?

What do you think about Chinese healthcare? 你认为中国的医疗健康服务怎么样?

Have you ever been in love? Are Chinese men / women romantic? How do you show affection, how do you show someone you care about them? 你爱过某人吗?你觉得中国男人 / 女人浪漫吗?你怎么表达自己的爱意,你怎么表达自己对别人的关心?

Do you find it easy to make friends? Are you introverted or extroverted? 你觉得交朋友容易吗? 你是外向还是内向的人?

Do you believe in God? 你相信神灵吗?

Do you have a big family? Would you have liked more brothers and sisters? How do you cope with pressure from parents and two sets of grandparents? 你的家族大还是小?你愿意有更多的兄弟姐妹吗?你怎么处理来自父母和爷爷奶奶等长辈的压力?

What do you think about homeless people in China? Are there charities to help disabled people? How can you lift yourself from poverty in China? 你怎么看待流浪汉?中国有帮助残疾人的慈善组织吗?你觉得穷人们怎样才能脱离贫困生活?

What was the happiest moment in your life? 你生活中最快乐的时候是什么?

Do you eat meat?  Why? Do you think that eating a vegetarian diet is better for your health? Do you think animals should have rights?  你吃肉吗? 为什么? 你觉得只吃素菜会对身体更好吗?你觉得动物有权利吗?

Are you interested in Chinese films? Have you seen a Western film? Which do you prefer? 你对国产电影感兴趣吗?你看过外国的电影吗?你喜欢哪一种?

If you had the power to change the world what change would you enforce and why? 如果你有改变世界的力量,你会改变什么?为什么?

Do you think same sex couples should be allowed to get married? 你觉得同性恋人应该被允许结婚吗?

What is the Chinese stereotype? In 5 words how can you summarise Chinese culture? 你觉得中国人有什么典型特征?你能用5个词来总结中国文化吗?

What music do you like? 你喜欢什么音乐?

Do you have any regrets? 你有什么遗憾吗?

What is your favourite word? 你最喜欢什么词语?

What is your best childhood memory? 你最美好的童年回忆是什么?

Are you married? How did you meet your partner? 你结婚了吗?你和你的爱人是怎么认识的?

If you could only keep 3 things? What would you keep and why? 如果你只能拥有3样东西,你会选择什么?为什么?What is your job? 你的工作是什么?

What skill would you like to learn and why? 你想学什么技能?为什么? Do you have children?

Do you want more children? 你有孩子吗?你想要更多孩子吗?


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