The aim of 66hands is to enlighten readers about the China seen through the eyes of its people, as opposed to mainstream media. Writing about unique and gripping social phenomena in a way that accurately informs whilst giving personal insight from the life of natives helps to ‘bridge the gap’ in cultural understanding. 66hands 的目的是启发,教育和告知英国人民有关中国的信息。 在中国的日常生活中获得个人见解,并以一个中国人的角度去撰写一个个独特而扣人心弦的社会现象,进而致力于建立一座“桥梁“来弥补英国与中国之间文化理解上的差距。


*coming soon* (on vegetarianism)


SCS, -1 , Beijing 北京 (on the Social Credit System)


V, 100, China 中国 (on lesbianism in China)


JMR, 35, Shanghai 上海 (on the Shanghai Dad Club)

T, 38, Shanghai 上海 (on China’s urban density)


Y, 0, Carrefour 家乐福 (on China’s yoghurt industry)


W, 4, Shanghai 上海(on “tiger toddlers”)


P, 33, Linyi 临沂 (on Shanghai’s small eateries)


L, 23, Beijing 北京 (on Beijing’s pollution)


D, 49, Baotou包头 (on food, family and humanity)


J, 20, Jinan 济南 (on love, sex and relationships)


Y, 24, Guangzhou 广州 (on gap years)


E, 29, Shanghai上海 (on economic and social reform)


R, 29, Yanchuan 延川 (on social mobility and marriage)

N, 33, Xi’an西安 (on leftover women and career-driven women)

M, 23, Fuzhou 福州 (on higher education)

“I decided on the name 66hands when, during the Chinese New Year holiday mid-way through my exchange year at Tsinghua University in Beijing, I decided to take a 33-day trip covering 6000+km around mainland China. I had intended to interview 1 native each day, documenting their life story as well as taking a single image of their hands – which would have given me 66hands worth of stories. As ever, I was far too ambitious and managed to collate only 4 stories. Nevertheless, upon my return to Beijing I decided to continue with 66hands in my own spare time. Throughout living, studying and working in Beijing ’16-17, Birmingham (UK) ’17-18, Shanghai ’18-19 and Cambridge (UK) ’19-20, I have continued to shed light on how China’s gripping social phenomena are impacting the lives of its people.” – Olivia Halsall, founder of 66hands

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66hands features in …

The University of Birmingham Linguist Magazine – as a short series on China (2017-18)

The China Road – a blog publishing interviews, book reviews, stories, articles, and a weekly “highlights” of China-related coverage (2017)

China Unbound – a London-based company making learning Chinese language and culture easier and quicker for companies and professionals (2018)